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Business Technology Trends In 2018 To Help You Run Your Company More Efficiently

  Telecommuting is the industry standard. Today, remote working is more prevalent than ever, thanks to modern software and technology. Take advantage of this shift to reduce overhead and improve employee happiness. Cloud services continue to dominate. Ninety-two percent of modern businesses are using one or more cloud-based programs, a number that only continues to […]

07 Feb 18 lverbik

If You Think Your Business Is Too Small To Be Hacked…Then You’re Probably A Cybercriminal’s No. 1 Target!

In a world of rampant cybercrime, hackers thrive on the blind faith of their targets. Despite high-profile digital security breaches showing up in the news nearly every week, most people assume they’re safe from attack. The thinking goes that while Fortune 500 corporations like J.P. Morgan, Sony, Tesco Bank, and Target have lost millions of […]

23 Jan 18 lverbik

4 Sneaky Ways Cybercriminals Used Phishing In 2017

Cybercriminals were more active in 2017 than ever before, with a staggering array of high-profile hacking incidents in the news each month. Here are four of the ways hackers used phishing to penetrate some of the most secure networks in the country last year. Shipping Info Scam: Last July, an Internet security company called Comodo […]

10 Jan 18 lverbik

Is Cell-Phone Addiction Ruining Your Organization’s Ability To Function?

Here’s a scary new stat: according to a new Baylor University study published in the Journal of Behavioral Addictions, the average female student spends 10 hours a day on her cell phone, with male students only slightly behind at eight hours. You KNOW that means they have to be texting and staring at their cell […]

27 Dec 17 lverbik

Why Hiring The Cheapest Computer Support Company Will Actually Cost You More

As anybody working in IT will tell you, the most common question we get isn’t, “Why is my computer running so slowly?” or “Why is my Internet not working?” It’s, “What do you charge for your services?” With so many IT companies clamoring for your attention, it makes sense that you’d want to look for […]

13 Dec 17 lverbik

Does Your Business Need Data Breach Insurance?

In the past few years, data breaches into small businesses by malicious hackers have climbed to an all-time high. According to data compiled by the Identity Theft Resource Center, at least 1,093 data breaches occurred in 2016, 40% more than the previous year. And this trend shows no sign of slowing down. In response to […]

29 Nov 17 lverbik

Top Tricks Cybercriminals Use To Hack Your Computer Network

There’s no denying that cybercrime is on the rise. All it takes is a glance at a few big news stories from the past couple years. Equifax gave up the information of over 100 million people, many of them not even users, to a surgical hacker attack. Last May, over 57,000 infections spread from a […]

16 Nov 17 lverbik

Natural Disasters Can Destroy, But Your Data Is Safe If It’s In The Cloud

This past hurricane season has brought some of the most harrowing, widespread destruction the southeastern United States has ever been forced to weather. But, despite the enormous, tragic cost of these natural disasters, the people of these communities persevere. In the wake of widespread wind damage and flooding, communities have banded together. Thousands of volunteers […]

02 Nov 17 lverbik

Skimp On Data Protection And Pay The Price

We’ve said it time and again: Today’s cybercriminals are using more advanced technology than ever. And those malicious tools are becoming even more sophisticated at a breakneck pace. To top it all off, new software developments are enabling these criminals to cast wider and wider nets, targeting businesses that, before, would have flown under their […]

10 Oct 17 lverbik

What is VoIP Technology?

Is it time for your business to abandon that ancient land line phone and discover the flexibility and convenience of VoIP technology? If so, you’re in luck because we’re working on a series of blog posts on this topic.  Let’s jump right in and learn the basics… When you install VoIP technology into your home […]

01 Sep 17 lverbik

Why Your Current Antivirus, Backup, And Firewall Have Been Rendered Completely USELESS (And What You Need To Do About It)

At the end of World War I, German engineer Arthur Scherbius constructed a device that would become central in another worldwide conflict of unimaginable magnitude over 20 years later: the Enigma machine. The machines, which steadily became more complex with each iteration, consisted of a series of rotors that, by themselves, encrypted messages input via […]

16 Aug 17 lverbik

The ONE Thing You Must Do to Keep Your Data Safe in the Cloud. Is Your IT Guy Doing This?

How secure is your data? Cloud data storage is becoming a massive industry in this country, and many businesses and other institutions are putting their data into the cloud. Some of this data is pretty harmless. Other stuff — like hospital records, banking information, or company payrolls — are prime targets for bad actors. Is […]

26 Jul 17 lverbik

The Most Common Ways Hackers Access Your Network

You are under attack. Right now, cybercrime rings in China, Russia, and the Ukraine are hacking into small businesses like yours to steal credit cards, client information, and swindle money directly out of your bank account. Some are even being funded by their own government to attack American businesses, and half of all cyberattacks are […]

28 Jun 17 lverbik

The Hidden Dangers Of “Shadow IT” To Your Business

We all know that using information technology — programs, apps, or internet browsing — carries a certain amount of risk. Nobody wants to have their secure data compromised, but technology brings enough benefits that the risk is worth it. So you vet certain systems, you establish protocols, you update and patch your software, and you […]

14 Jun 17 lverbik

The Latest Malware Threat Will Make You Wanna Cry

Wannacry, Wannacrypt, Wannadecrypter, these are just some of the names of the latest string of malware circulating both the news cycles, and the internet.  They are all part of a Major Ransomware sting that hit the scene last weekend.  In case you don’t know Ransomware is a bug that infects your computer and then encrypts […]

24 May 17 lverbik

4 E-mails You Should NEVER Open

No matter how “bomb-proof” we make your network, you and your employees can still invite a hacker in if you click on a link or open an attachment in an e-mail sent by a cybercriminal. Some spam is obvious (can you say, “Viagra at a discount”?) but others are VERY cleverly designed to sneak past […]

17 May 17 lverbik

Cybercriminals Confess: The Top 3 Tricks, Sneaky Schemes And Gimmicks They Use To Hack Your Computer Network

We’re masters at getting you to click on fake e-mails. One of the most common ways hackers gain access to computer networks and devices is via phishing e-mails. Gone are the days when you could easily spot a spammer’s e-mail because of its poor English, typos and punctuation mistakes – attacks are getting more and […]

21 Apr 17 lverbik

4 Must-Have, Low-Risk Cloud Solutions

Let’s face it, your business has more competition than ever. And they’ll eat you alive if you fall behind in today’s technology “arms race.” Maybe your network needs greater security. Or you haven’t yet taken advantage of new cloud-based apps that help your team get more done in less time. Today, the action is in […]

05 Apr 17 lverbik

Network Abuse: Don’t Push Your ‘Luck’

Look around your office. Isn’t it great to see your team hard at work on their computers? Yet if we take a closer look, let’s see what’s really happening… Joe, your new sales rep, is poring over last weekend’s game stats… Amy in marketing is looking for a new job, surfing your competitors’ websites, chatting […]

16 Mar 17 lverbik

Lost Employee Smartphone? Do This NOW!

“Hey boss, I lost my smartphone.” How well have you prepared for this moment? It will happen sooner or later. If your company has a plan in place, no big deal. If not, you may suddenly get that sinking feeling in your gut … And well you might. You now have three big worries: Compliance […]

15 Feb 17 lverbik

Don’t Rely on Cheap Online Backups for Your Data!

Last Night I Was Startled Out Of Bed In A Cold Sweat, Heart Racing, With Fear Racing Through My Mind…And YOU Were The Reason For My Panic! Was I having a nightmare? Was I just watching too many reruns of The Twilight Zone? Had I eaten a big meal before bed? No – it simply […]

08 Feb 17 lverbik

5 Tools To Keep Your Kids Safe Online

School is in full swing, your kids are digging for the data they’ll need to fill all those reports, papers and projects that fuel their passing grades… And Mr. Google can be their greatest friend when it comes to finding tons of tidbits to keep teacher happy. But with great opportunity comes great risk… Threats […]

30 Jan 17 lverbik

Cloud Computing: Good, Bad & Ugly

When a network of IT gadgets like routers, DVR machines and closed-circuit TVs can take down hardened, well-provisioned Internet giants like Twitter, Spotify and Amazon – as happened last October – you’ve got to think twice before moving your data to the cloud. Yes, a move to the cloud can yield big payoffs in terms […]

18 Jan 17 lverbik

Your #1 MUST-DO Resolution For 2017

With every New Year comes the chance to reset priorities. Unfortunately, when the topic of implementing a data recovery plan comes up, the comment we most often hear is “I know I should, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet…” So…what if the pilot on the next flight you’re on announces right after takeoff, […]

28 Dec 16 lverbik

Why Cyberthugs LOVE Your Business

It was a typical morning at the offices of a small Midwestern online retailer. This company, whose name we cannot mention due to a non-disclosure agreement with our source (Gary Miller, GEM Strategy Management) owned a very successful online catalog offering a wide variety of women’s apparel and accessories. They had a terrific reputation and […]

14 Dec 16 lverbik

5 Common Workarounds For Remembering Passwords, And Why You Should Stop Doing Them Immediately

With everything we do online, it’s impossible to remember all the passwords you need for a web site. So what do most people do? They use one of the following five “workarounds” that make them an easy target for cybercriminals and hackers. Here’s what they are: Using the same password for everything. If hackers gain […]

08 Dec 16 lverbik

The #1 Cure For A Sluggish PC

If you’re often – or even constantly – frustrated with slow loading times, screen freezes or crashing programs, your network may be in desperate need of an upgrade…or a tune-up. Here’s how to make your network run like new again… Most computers and networks bog down as they age. Here’s why: ● Spyware, viruses and […]

16 Nov 16 lverbik

Winter 2017: Disaster For Your Data?

With winter just around the corner, everyone around you may be getting “all wrapped up” in the upcoming holiday season… But you’ve got a business to run, customers to keep happy and mission-critical data to keep safe, even if a major blizzard, lightning strike, windstorm or epic flood is taking place right outside your door. […]

26 Oct 16 lverbik

Spooked About Your Network’s Security?

You should be, unless somebody’s keeping a vigilant eye on it for you… Not too long ago, in a place not so far away…when ancient hordes attacked your city, a single breach in the wall could mean certain death – or at least the end of life as you know it. Yet times change…or do […]

13 Oct 16 lverbik

The One Attack No Tech Can Stop

You can defend your data with all the latest and best technology. But if just one team member gets tricked into giving away the keys to the castle, it’s game over. Hackers know this. And that’s why so many use social engineering to break in. And it’s not just the big companies you hear about […]

22 Sep 16 lverbik

Lost Employee Smartphone? Do This NOW!

“Hey boss, I lost my smartphone.” How well have you prepared for this moment? It will happen sooner or later. If your company has a plan in place, no big deal. If not, you may suddenly get that sinking feeling in your gut … And well you might. You now have three big worries: Compliance […]

07 Sep 16 lverbik

Navigating The Cloud: Gold Mine…Or Minefield?

Is the cloud a good fit for your company or not? On the one hand, taking full advantage of today’s cloud capabilities could be key to becoming a top player in your market. On the other, without proper oversight, just one cyber-break-in could bankrupt your organization… Feeling a little confused, or perhaps even overwhelmed, about […]

24 Aug 16 lverbik

Employees Keeping Your Data Safe? Don’t Count On It

The biggest block to protecting your company’s data is employee ignorance about cybersecurity. In fact, your employees are probably compromising your data right now and aren’t even aware of it. In case you haven’t read the reports, a statement from one of the many companies recently forced to close its doors following a cyber-attack involving […]

10 Aug 16 lverbik

How To Make Your Smartphone A Mobile Office Workhorse

Smartphones are a workplace double-edged sword. On one side, they are mobile computers, capable of performing useful functions, and getting real work done. On the other, they can be a distraction: texting, web browsing, gaming and more. The temptation to goof off is real, but so is the productivity power. The threat of off-task usage […]

27 Jul 16 lverbik

Will Your Backups Be There When You Need Them?

When the livelihood of your business depends on data stored in your computer network, you simply cannot afford to leave anything to chance. Data preservation and the ability to retrieve it at any point in time is the foundation of business continuity. Yet the facts about backup failures are shocking: According to the Boston Computing […]

06 Jul 16 lverbik

Spam – Your #1 Data Security Threat

Unfortunately, human beings communicating by e-mail often turns out to be the weakest link in your network’s defenses. That’s why cyber-criminals often rely on spamming to inject their toxic code into their victims’ computers. And, just as malware is becoming ever more potent, so are the tactics used by spammers to dupe the unwary. All […]

21 Jun 16 lverbik
Techno Advantage can help upgrade your computers and network within your budget

The Cure For A Sluggish PC

If you’re often – or even constantly – frustrated with slow loading times, screen freezes or crashing programs, your network may be in desperate need of an upgrade…or a tune-up. Here’s how to make your network run like new again… What’s Slowing Your Network Down? Most computers and networks bog down as they age. Here’s […]

08 Jun 16 lverbik

3 Deadly Sins of Computer Care

If you’re like most people in business, you require a computer to do some if not all of your daily work.  But how often do you actual consider the proper care your devices require to work optimally and keep you connected to the world around you?   If you’re committing these 3 deadly sins of […]

18 May 16 lverbik

Professional E-mail Addresses

Are you turning business away with your e-mail “saddress”? We see it all the time and there’s just no excuse for it. It’s just sad, really, when a company is still using an e-mail address that projects a less than professional image to its recipients. What do we mean by that? Look at your e-mail […]

04 May 16 lverbik

Going to be away from the office? Do it in good taste.

Going into this busy season of absent employees, it’s a good time to look at the right ways and the wrong ways to inform the world—and your coworkers—that you’re away from your desk and vacationing your cares away.

20 Apr 16 lverbik

New ad blocker technology means faster page loads—but what about us?

If you’re doing business online, then you probably know about ad blockers and have accepted the fact that they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

06 Apr 16 lverbik

Put the Zip Back into Google Chrome

Like the old story of the frog that gradually, unwittingly gets itself boiled in a pot of water, users of the Chrome browser may not realize they’ve been cooking in their own accumulated data bits, suddenly finding one day that their browser is operating super slowly or crashing all the time.

23 Mar 16 lverbik

The Hard Job of Software Management: Four Ways to Optimize Your Software Licensing

While the term software management might be routine to some businesses, others of you out there may not realize a strategy is needed to keep you cost efficient and in compliance.  This area has grown increasingly complex in recent times with the number of software titles going through the roof, and companies are finding that […]

09 Mar 16 lverbik

Space commerce (Cool Technology News)

Some people call us space commerce cowboys… There’s e-commerce and then there’s space commerce. While you thought e-commerce opened up the world to businesses, now space commerce potentially makes the universe our marketplace. Space commerce is a real thing taking shape in our market landscape (or spacescape). The wick has been lit and it’s only […]

24 Feb 16 lverbik

Don’t Let a Power Outage Take You Out

Dealing with a natural (or unnatural) disaster can have devastating effects on your work and business. There’s one you can prepare for that will give you peace of mind in one major area and that is a power outage. Power outages can be caused by a number of sources, including traffic accidents knocking down utility […]

15 Feb 16 lverbik

Is it Time to Go to the Cloud?

It’s a commonly asked question: Should we get a new server or go to the cloud? The answer differs, depending on who’s trying to sell you their services. So what’s the answer? Is there just one answer? If you’ve maxxed out your old server and it’s coming to its life’s useful end, you have an […]

26 Jan 16 lverbik

Do you Have a Good, Trustworthy IT Guy?

Whoever it may be—guy, girl, company—whoever holds the keys to your IT kingdom had better be someone you can trust, and someone who is doing a good job. You just can’t afford to get this wrong. Your IT guy is the one with the most access to your valuable network—the heart of your business—and thus […]

13 Jan 16 lverbik

Help Grow your Business with Help Desk Support

Here at Techno Advantage, we believe that a major advantage we offer IT clients in our integrated family of IT management products and services is our Help Desk. Because partnering with you is a priority, your outsourced IT Help Desk is here for you 24-7, at the ready to help you should your system experience […]

30 Dec 15 lverbik

What can hosted workspaces do for your business?

As our culture continually evolves more and more toward mobility and flexibility with the use of tablets, smartphones and notebook computers, business is happening all the time, everywhere, in places we never would have dreamed. Companies are implementing BYOD (bring your own device) policies to make it easy for their employees to maintain a productive […]

16 Dec 15 lverbik

Four Rules of Email Etiquette Can Save Your Reputation

You may not think of email as having such power, but just as a great email can bring in the business—so these email mistakes can drive customers away and ruin your reputation. And pretty quickly too, if they’re repeated on a consistent basis.  What business technology can do for you can be rapidly undone if […]

25 Nov 15 lverbik

Warn your people about this “Microsoft” phone scam!

The call sounds very official. A representative from Microsoft’s technical support team is on the line and they have found an error in your computer system. But don’t worry—they can fix it for you. They just need access to your machine; if you can provide the login credentials they can get to work. At this […]

11 Nov 15 lverbik

Getting Your Tweet On: What Businesses Need To Know

Part of using technology to your advantage includes having a social media presence where your customers are. And that may mean Twitter is a part of your mix. Even if you’re uncomfortable with (or fearful of) this environment, you need to push past that if you want to be a player. So the primary question […]

28 Oct 15 lverbik

Crazy Beautiful Innovative New Microsoft Devices Unveiled

As an IT service provider it’s our mission to give your business the advantage over your competition –after all it is part of our name. One way we do that is sharing our best finds in technology, and with Microsoft’s latest unveilings, there’s a lot of good stuff teetering on that cutting edge. We’re avid […]

14 Oct 15 lverbik

Running your business on relics? Time to think of cleaning house.

You’re small, nimble, and don’t need the latest and greatest expensive technologies—we get that. It’s costly. It’s time consuming to research the stuff. You may not even know what exists out there. However, some of the old technology you’re still hanging onto to run your business may be costing you more money than avoiding a […]

15 Sep 15 lverbik

Is Cryptovirus back as a worm?

Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does—it seems likely there is a new variant to the Cryptolocker virus—that insidious virus known to encrypt all your files and hold them ransom for $300. This new strain may or may not be Crypt, but it was reported recently to have been able to […]

03 Sep 15 lverbik

Why and How to Get Password-Smart NOW!

It seems the more we advance technologically and the more we rely on the security of our online accounts, the harder it gets to keep them secure. As fast as new protection is created, hackers find ways to crack the code. How to keep your passwords secure as your front line of defense? We need […]

18 Aug 15 lverbik

The Legal (And Smart) Way to Spy on your Competitors: Business Intelligence

It used to be that Business Intelligence (BI) was reserved only for large corporations with IT budgets to match. But with the advent of the cloud, the growth of software-as-a-service and more competition overall, BI is now within reach for small businesses too, and they’re reaping the benefits. One 2013 study done by Oxford Economics […]

04 Aug 15 lverbik

We’re Windows Watchers

We all recall the giant leap we took when Windows 8 launched. Its new interface was a bit traumatic for many, and definitely took some getting used to. For better or worse, it’s the new direction of Windows, and now with Window 10, they’re settling in and building on that, encouraging us along with more […]

22 Jul 15 lverbik

Three of the Sweetest Mobile Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses

If you’re not paying attention to how much business is happening on mobile devices, it’s time to get your head in the game. With nearly 40 percent of internet usage occurring on mobile devices, not only is mobile marketing crucial to your business’s success, but understanding how your customers are using different kinds of mobile […]

07 Jul 15 lverbik


YOUR COMPUTER HAS BEEN LOCKED. Now you must pay ransom to an unidentified thief in order to unlock your computer system and gain access to your own data or lose it forever. This might be the worst message to ever have come across your computer screen. If you become its victim, the only way around […]

23 Jun 15 lverbik

The New Windows 10 Cometh! Are You Ready?

As operating systems go, Windows 7: a sturdy workhorse. Windows 8: not so great. Windows 9: no you’re not crazy, there isn’t one (don’t ask). Now comes Windows 10, and all eyes are on Microsoft to make it work and make it good in order for them to remain a major player and help us […]

09 Jun 15 lverbik

Service & Support – They Do Exist!

Do you ever tire of picking up the phone for customer service or tech support and reaching any number of auto attendants and prompts?   You wait patiently for that friendly and knowledgeable voice, but instead the call leaves you with unanswered questions and piles of stress and frustration? You called because you need help with […]

21 May 15 lverbik

New VoIP Phone Solutions for Your Business

The team at Techno Advantage is excited to announce a new VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone solution by Grandstream. Our fearless leader Jay, recently attended an extensive training program hosted by Grandstream and became a certified partner.    We’re thrilled to bring this flexible new system and potential savings to our clients. Here are three […]

06 May 15 lverbik

Are You Ready to Migrate Away from Windows Server 2003?

Last fall we wrote a post about planning for Windows Server 2003 end of life.  In that post, we recommended migrating to new server hardware and upgrading to the current version of Windows Server which is Server 2012 R2.  Well, now just a few months remain until Windows Server 2003 reaches the end and we thought […]

21 Apr 15 lverbik

Which Tech Tools Do You Need?

There are two things that most business owners need: more time and more money. With the right technology in place, you can get both — and ultimately improve your bottom line. Here are 5 tech tools that can help your company grow. Cloud-based phone system (VOIP) Rather than investing in an expensive business phone system, […]

07 Apr 15 lverbik

The New Look of Techno Advantage

Have you heard the saying “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.”? Well, we’re growing and we want to share the latest news with you in today’s post. Like many businesses, our previous website was little more than an outdated placeholder on the World Wide Web.  It wasn’t “working” for us at all.  We knew that […]

24 Mar 15 lverbik

Is a VoIP Phone System Right For Your Business?

If you’ve never heard of VoIP, get ready to change the way you think about long-distance phone calls. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a method for taking analog audio signals, like the kind you hear when you talk on the phone, and turning them into digital data that can be transmitted over the Internet. […]

26 Jan 15 lverbik

Top 4 Data Backup Devices for Small Business

You already know you need good, regular backups of all of your business data, but you may get stuck figuring out the best way to manage them. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a scary amount of money to buy and set up a reliable backup system.  Let’s look at a selection of reliable and affordable […]

13 Jan 15 lverbik

Looking Forward into New Technology in 2015

Technology changes quickly. Just when you think you have the latest technology solution for your business, something newer and better is being touted as the “next big thing.” As 2014 draws to an end, we wanted to share 4 trends that are expected to affect small business technology in 2015. The Cloud Cloud computing is […]

28 Dec 14 lverbik

Protecting Against Ransomware Threats

In case you aren’t familiar with that term, ransomware refers to programs that hold your computer or hard drive hostage, demanding that you pay a ransom fee (hence the name) if you want to get your information back. Once users become infected, they see an error screen that tells them they have a fixed amount […]

16 Dec 14 lverbik

Accomplish More On Your Mobile Device

Microsoft announced today that they have acquired Acompli, an email app available on iOS and Android. Acompli is designed to help you work faster and smarter with emails and calendars on your mobile device. The service works with a variety of messaging services including Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google and Yahoo. Unlike most systems that […]

01 Dec 14 lverbik

New Video Portal – Office 365

It’s no secret that we are huge fans of Office 365 here at Techno Advantage, so when we heard this “breaking news” from Microsoft, we had to share it right away. Yesterday, Microsoft announced new tools for using SharePoint.  They are calling these tools NextGen Portals. The first NextGen Portal being released is Office 365 […]

19 Nov 14 lverbik

Viruses in your Social Network

Computer users are smarter today than they used to be, but so are the internet bad guys trying to access your information. The online world is changing and social media has added a new layer to the level of awareness and diligence the average user must employ to stay safe.  Malware authors are becoming more […]

03 Nov 14 lverbik

New Office 365 Subscription Plans

Microsoft’s flexible approach to Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, and Office means each business can get the right mix of cloud and local for its needs. Ask people what Office 365 is and you’ll get various (and most likely incorrect) responses. One of the reasons for the confusion is that Office 365 today is not what it […]

20 Oct 14 lverbik

The Cloud Explained Part III – A Marketing Tool

Now that cloud computing technology has already gone past the infancy stages, many industries are realizing the benefits it provides, and are adopting and integrating the technology to fit their businesses. One major sector that stands to benefit a lot from the cloud is marketing, as it has the ability to change the ways in which […]

07 Oct 14 lverbik

The Cloud Explained Part II – Public vs Private

Cloud computing comes in three major forms: public clouds, private clouds, and hybrids clouds. Depending on the type of data you’re working with, you’ll want to compare public, private, and hybrid clouds in terms of the different levels of security and management required. Private cloud Private cloud is operated solely for a single organization, whether managed internally […]

22 Sep 14 lverbik

The Cloud Explained – A Blog Series

Have you ever wondered….just what is cloud computing anyway? According to Wikipedia, cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices as a utility (like the electricity grid) over a network (typically the Internet). Clouds can be classified as public, private or hybrid. Cloud computing, or in simpler shorthand […]

08 Sep 14 lverbik

Protecting Your Data – Is your password strong enough?

Information security is an ongoing process, not something you do once and then forget about, right? Right!  If you’re still keeping all your original passwords in a small dusty notebook on the corner of your desk…it’s time to rethink.   You’ll be relieved to know there are some really good online password management solutions you […]

18 Aug 14 lverbik

Planning for Windows Server 2003 End-Of-Life

Does, July 14th, 2015 mean anything to you?  Well, if you’re a business running Windows Server 2003, it should.   Windows Server 2003 is fast-approaching its end-of-life.  Microsoft has announced the official retirement date as July 14, 2015.  Basically, it means that Microsoft will no longer be providing patches for all the holes that hackers […]

04 Aug 14 lverbik

Backup and Disaster Recovery – Do you have a plan?

When disaster strikes (and it will), you can put the pieces back together if you’ve got a solid backup solution in place. If you’re not backing up, you are tempting fate. It’s only a matter of time before something tragic will happen: a hardware failure, a hacker, or a corrupted update. Something will bring that […]

21 Jul 14 lverbik

Summer Special Edition – Social Media Tools for Small Business

Despite using all the same social networks – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. – , each businesses marketing plan and marketing toolbox are likely quite different.  Enterprise solutions are great for the big guys, but the rest of us are in the market for something more our size. Small businesses are eager to find valuable tools […]

07 Jul 14 lverbik

Feeling Overwhelmed by Technology?

If so, well…..you’re not alone.  Many small business owners feel they have very little resources to help them navigate the vast tech landscape, according to a recent study. The report, from Brother International Corporation and non-profit SCORE was conducted by Wakefield Research and covered 500 small business owners with fewer than 100 employees.  It revealed […]

23 Jun 14 lverbik

A New Focus on E-mail Security

When you send something in the mail you expect for it to be viewed by the intended recipient’s eyes only, right?  Right.  For the most part, our important mail is sent in a sealed envelope to protect against unwanted observation.  But, what about our e-mail? Unless properly encrypted, your e-mail messages could be left exposed […]

09 Jun 14 lverbik

Three Common Network Security Vulnerabilities

Finding the weak spots in your network. Let’s start at the beginning….What is a network?  A local area network (LAN) is a network that connects computers and devices in a limited geographical area such as a home, school, office building, or closely positioned group of buildings. Networks, because of the sensitive data they contain, are one of the most […]

28 May 14 lverbik

Who’s watching when you’re not?

Why you should consider a monitoring service plan from Techno Advantage. Techno Advantage’s 24/7 monitoring software represents a breakthrough in computer solutions in the Midwest, allowing for an instant, remote response to any problem or threat to your valuable information. When facing hardware failures or malware infestations a fast response can mean the difference between […]

22 May 14 lverbik

Is Windows XP End of life really a big deal?

We are about 3 weeks away from end of life for Windows XP, April 8th Windows XP will officially be retired.  Microsoft will stop supporting it, and no further patches will be available.  I’ve had several clients ask me if this is really a big deal, or just a marketing ploy for Microsoft to get […]

17 Mar 14 technotc

New backup solutions from Storagecraft!

We are excited to announce new backup solution offerings with Storagecraft.  Utilizing ShadowProtect software we now offer on and offsite solutions to meet any data backup needs.  We have partnered with Storagecraft to bring a new level of data backup options to the table.  ShadowProtect is reliable and proven software for backup of Server and […]

27 Jan 14 technotc

Windows XP – End of Support

Windows XP – End of Support   After April 8, 2014, technical assistance for Windows XP will no longer be available (From Microsoft), including automatic updates that help protect your PC. If you continue to use Windows XP, your computer might become more vulnerable to security risks and viruses.  What does it mean if my version of Windows is no longer supported? […]

12 Nov 13 technotc